Do You Know GateLab Stock Exchange Trading Solution

Gatelab’s compliant solutions for multi-asset, cross-market value taking associate degreed market-creating ar an integral a part of its suite of commerce elements. It satisfies needs in pre-trading and commerce phases, with intraday risk management victimization trader path and algorithmic path.

Post-trading desires like dealings coverage, transparency obligations, forwarding trades and orders to external position keeping and back-office systems with deal path trader path offer money establishments one front-office platform to move with electronic money markets and knowledge suppliers. it’s a high performance surrounding utilized by traders for real-time quoting and multi-asset category commerce over any commerce venue, with simple and efficient integration of external rating servers, position keeping systems and back-office applications. More details visit this URL mql 4 programming

Built with a component-based design, the trader path uses plug-in technology to permit speedy adoption of the latest practicality, commerce venues, and data suppliers. in addition, new quoting and commerce methods, designed by exploitation algorithmic path, will be else seamlessly.

As front-office platforms manufacture larger dealings volumes, the problem of routing multiple instrument orders, trades and currencies with efficiency and cost-effectively to position keeping, middle and back-office systems are turning into progressively crucial.


  • Manual-automatic quoting in regulated markets and three-side commerce facilities
  • Dissemination of costs towards info suppliers, internal business department and net
  • Market look and commerce with fast-order entry
  • Manual-automatic RFQ respondent
  • Dynamic configurable operational limit per table, cluster of users, single user
  • Mark-to-market position keeping system per portfolio, market, instrument
  • Third-party system and position keeping system integration
  • Fast and simple building, corporal punishment and management of proprietary commerce and market-creating models victimization high-level rule-based (event-actions) language
  • Fault detection and handling and load reconciliation design
  • Internet/intranet/extranet

Gatelab’s deal path provides a configurable resolution to handle this issue. By forwarding orders and trades, (captured from a good range of markets for multiple instruments) in time period mode to varied nonexclusive destinations.
With replay and reconciliation functionalities, fault tolerance and high performance, deal path represents the only surroundings for all banks and money establishments to feed every kind of post-trading system for trade audit path, compliance checks and order trailing in an exceedingly quick and correct approach.


  • Fully  high performance surroundings
  • Fault detection and handling and load reconciliation design
  • Multiple-source (markets) and multiple-destination (position keeping, middle-office, back-office systems) capabilities
  • Configurable order and deal rules for an automatic piece of writing and consequent insertion
    Playback functionalities for retrying failing routing operations
  • Reconciliation functionalities for retrieving and routing all daily activities
  • Reporting facilities for tracing all daily activities
  • Quick implementation of recent gateways through proprietary language

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