How To Use A Bong

If you’ve got never smoked from a bong (or water pipe as they’re sometimes called) and are intrigued by the thought, but almost sure how they work, you’re not alone.  Everyone that has ever smoked from a Bongs has had to find out the fundamentals of use for a water pipe. And despite its sometimes complicated appearance, they’re not all that difficult to use. This guide will break down what a bong is, how it works, and the way to take care of one. Therefore the next time you’re feeling like lighting up, a bong could be your weapon of choice. It’s easy to imagine why some users might find a bong intimidating initially glances. But once you understand the individual components and the way they work together, it can help add up of the way to use it.

A bong is formed from five parts: the crab (sometimes), the bowl/slide, the down stem, the mouthpiece, and therefore the chamber.

Each a part of The Device features a Specific Function Detailed Below:

The Bowl/Slide

Long story short: your weed goes in here. But really, it’s where any marijuana, tobacco, etc. is placed and lit during the method of filling the chamber with smoke.
The Down stem: this is often a tube that acts as a conduit for the smoke to travel from the slide into the water.

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is that the space at the highest of the elongated tunnel of glass at the top of the hookah. The user places their lips just inside the rim of the mouthpiece and forms a seal with the surface of the lips so as to draw up the smoke once the user is prepared to inhale.
The Chamber: The chamber is that the section of the hookah where the smoke develops and sits until it’s released by the user inhaling the smoke during a quick motion.

The Carb

This is often a hole on the side of the hookah which is kept covered during the lighting of the bong and released when the user is prepared to require within the smoke. Tons of bongs don’t have this feature. The first thing you would like to try to to when prepping your bong is adding water to the pipe. It’s important to form sure that your down stem is roofed with water. The holes within the down stem must be submerged. A general rule is to form sure the water level is 1-1 ½ inches above the down stem.


Confirm to dry off any residual water which may have gotten on the surface of the bong. Glass, when wet, is sort of slippery, and therefore the last item you would like to try to to is see your bong shattering into a gazillion pieces when dropped.

The next step is to put your ground marijuana or tobacco into the bowl/slide and place the bowl/slide into the down stem. Confirm you place the bowl/slide gently into the downstem and don’t forcibly shove it into place. You would like to make an airtight seal, but not cause the pieces to become jammed or break.

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