Welcome to Keeponbirding.com

This website was composed by Miel and Bram Ferdinande. We are twins with a passion for birds. We started observing and counting bird migration along the belgian coast in 1991. 

A few years later we wanted to keep a memory to the many hours in the field and to our birdtrips abroad. At first we bought an adaptor to take photographs through our telescopes. It was to difficult to take good pictures so we abandonned this method.

The microbe of making pictures stayed and we looked for other ways to make better pictures. We bought a Canon EOS 500 reflexcamera and a sigma 400mm f 5.6 lens. This lens fell in our budget and it was light enough to carry around. This was very important because we almost never use a tripod. We used this camera and lens on our trips to Spain, France, Italy,Israel, Sweden, Norway, Corsica, Madeira and the east coast of Australia.

In 1997 we made our first website. It was called "The Photographic Birdpage". We couldn't update this website no longer  because we changed to another internet provider. This site contained pictures of a large number of european species. Due to the lack of webspace we had to show the pictures in a small format.

In 2004 Bram got married and emigrated to Australia. When Bram arrived in Australia, he bought a Canon 300D and a 100-400mm f4.0-5.6 lens. We kept sending pictures to eachother via e-mail.  

Our brother, Tom, has an internet company -Encima- which specialises in making dynamic websites. He made us this website as a present so so we could show our pictures to eachother more easily. He took care of the programming and the hosting of this website. On this new site we are able to provide larger pictures then on our previous one. This way you can enjoy what nature has to offer on both sides of the globe.

Enjoy our pictures and keep on birding!  

Bram en Miel Ferdinande