Top 3 Ways : How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

As the summer season drags on, you would possibly realize that your window air conditioners area unit losing a number of their cooling power. It may well be that you simply put in them improperly, the consequences of that area unit currently being felt. Or a number of key maintenance checks may well be so as.

Our step wise article orient a way to maintain your cooling system, supported client Reports’ testing of dozens of window air conditioners, can keep your home comfy once the weather outside is something however. If you want more detail about relevant this topic so click this link service ac

Step 1: Check the position

For starters, it is best to avoid putting a space cooling system during a window that’s pounded by sun, since direct sun can force it to figure more durable. North-facing windows receive the smallest amount daylight, or search for a window on another wall that is shaded by trees, an awning, or another supply of coverage. Closing curtains and blinds is differently to scale backstar heat gain.

Moving inside, it’s conjointly vital to stay heat-generating objects, like a TV or lamp, removed from the cooling system. That’s as a result of the unit’s thermostat will sense their heat, inflicting the unit to run longer than necessary. Finally, our tests have found that some area units do a higher job processing air either to the correct or to the left. This won’t be an element if the cooling system is put in during a window settled within the center of the area. however if the windows area unit all close to a wall, select one which will permit the air to blow toward the center of the area, instead of into the wall. Some models area unit unidirectional.

Step 2: Maintain the Machine

All area air conditioners have a filter behind the front grille that may get clogged with dirt and mud that reduces flow through the unit, decreasing its potency and skill to wash the air. a number of times a season, pop off the grille and put off the filter. Take away junk with a vacuum then wash the filter in heat, cleansing agent water. Let the filter dry before reinstalling it. If the filter is badly worn, it’s time for a brand new one.

You should conjointly examine the window seals around your unit to create positive hot air isn’t entering into the area or cold air escaping. If leaks area unit gift, seal around your unit with weather-stripping.

Step 3: Program It Properly

We’re seeing additional programmable window air conditioners and even connected units that may be controlled from your Smartphone. Whether or not you’ve got one amongst these high-tech air conditioners or the operated by hand kind, offer some thought to the temperature setting. Recommendations from Energy Star area unit pretty strict: 78° F once you’re home, 85° F once you’re at work or away, and 82° F once you’re sleeping.

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